Business Line


    • Brand licensing
    • Consulting service for introduction of Japanese brands to overseas markets
    • Consulting service for M&A in brand license business
    • Import and export of brand products
    • Textile and Garments deal

Licensing/Consulting    Business

Globalization is becoming the key to profitable business. Many make attempts to expand overseas, and
many times they face the difficulties of bringing the cultural gap. It is our hope to provide these
businesses with our expertise in operating a business in both Japan and United States. Our services
can be customized for each company for individual needs and goals. Current projects include areas in
Brand licensing and Oversea Office Operation Support. Let us assist your business to make a smooth
transition into United States or into Japan and all other South East Asian Countries.
Let us help expand your licensing power out to Japan and South East Asia, to the United States, or to


Carlos Falchi

Carlos Falchi a charismatic designer based in USA, designs bags loved by celebrities all over the
world. In 1983, he became the winner of the Coty award, and in 2004 and 2006, he was nominated
to the CFDA award.

Nicole Miller

After studying at the Rhode Island school of Design and graduating from Ecole de la Chambre
Syndicale de la Couture in Paris , Nicole moved to NY and shortly after was introduced to Bud
Konheim , owner at the time of an apparel company. In 1982,Bud and Nicole became business
partners and the Nicole Miller brand was born.

Bon bricolage

Bon Bricolage’s eye-catching colors and mixes of different high quality materials will make a funfashion statement for sure.Bon Bricolage explores the exciting fusion of cultures attention-grabbing alluring creations. The
founder and the creator, Reiko Hosenji, was born and raised in Japan.


Dearfoams always has been known for soft, warm fabrics and extra cushioning that provides
maximum comfort, but we also use a mix of timeless and fashion-forward designs and colors to
ensure that every comfort-lover can find a Dearfoams product that fits their personal sense of
style. Our premium features and innovative technologies ensure the better comfort, fit and
durability that people have come to expect from our name.


JORDACHE is a denim brand famous for their classic premium jeans. JORDACHE
opened a vintage brand in 2004 to celebrate its 35th anniversary.


PIPELINE’s brand name was derived from a famous photograph of Phil Edward surfing.PIPELINE also known as largest and dangerous wave in Ehukai Beach, Hawaii, became a well-know brand of clothes apparel for surfers. In 1981 it entered the apparel industry and has since furnished among surfing communities.



We currently have exciting new collection from Japan,Korea and China.
These are various fabric such as

    • Cotton (Include organic)
    • Polyester
    • Rayon
    • Knit
    • Woven

We have about 15 million yard inventory !
No minimum order !Quick delivery!

We can drop ship anywhere in the world including USA— 1 week to 10 days.


《Garments Full Package 》

  • From fabric to finish garment services for your products such as
    • T-shirts
    • Men’s shirts
    • Lady’s blouse , Shirts
    • Jeans/Denim
    • Sports wear

All you have to do is…

  • To give us fabric idea and Tech Pack of Finish Garment

We can …

  • Manage to source the fabric
  • Produce the finish garment according to your price target
  • Discuss business terms


    • Import and export of space related goods
    • Import and export of display interior facilities
    • Import and export of health supplements

Space Goods

BEST PARTNERS INC. experienced trading and wholesale of American and Japanese space goods.

  • We export NASA goods to Japan e.g. Saturn Rocket, Apolo 11th Model, Nasa’s original Jacket etc.
  • We import JAXA-related goods e.g Moon Model which is made from data of Satelite KAGUYA,
    H2A Rocket Model etc.

Ryu Studio. Iron products

Ryu studio has been known as the highest quality Japan iron products.
They started as iron Jewelry company ,developing the iron panel for the interior use and sign for
the special place and store. These decorative accessories are colored and painted by Japanese
traditional MAKIE technique and finished by URUSHI lacquer.


BEST PARTNERS INC. has extensive experience in ecology and environmental
business. We import and export the following products:

    • Waste to energy plant
    • Film type solar power facility
    • Wind power gadgets&gt

Waste-to-Energy Plants

One of the areas of primary concern is the utilization of organic and carbon containing raw waste as
fuel. BEST PARTNERS INC. exports waste-to-energy plants to Japan and other Asian countries.
With global waste mounting, BEST PARTNERS INC. is proud to introduce an alternative energy

  • Complete utilization of material and power resources contained in municipal solid waste
  • Thermochemical conversion based on low and medium temprerature pyrolysis
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Fast assembly and start-up
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low cost operation
  • Recyclable

Solar Power

Film type solar power facility

  • Solar power thin film series have semi-transparent modules intransmittance of 5%, 10% and 20%. Semi-transparent module can beinstalled on to curtain walls, windows, skylights, greenhouse roofing,and swimming pool roofing.

Wind power

  • BEST PARTNERS INC represents Loopwing Co.,Ltd. We import wind power facility named Loopwing in U.S.A. The Loopwing received the highly coverted Tokyo Venture Technology Award.